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SSA5000A Series Spectrum Analyzer
  • Frequency Range from 9 kHz up to 13.6 /26.5 GHz
  • -165 dBm/Hz Displayed Average Noise Level (Typ.)
  • -105 dBc/Hz@1 GHz,10 kHz offset SSB Phase Noise (Typ.)
  • 25 MHz/40 MHz Analysis Bandwidth
  • Analog Modulation Analysis and Vector Digital Modulation Analysis
  • Channel power, ACPR, OBW, Harmonic, TOI measurement etc.
Spectrum Analyzer Mode
The SIGLENT SSA5000A spectrum analyzers are powerful and flexible tools for complex RF spectrum and signal analysis with a frequency range of 9 kHz up to 13.6 GHz/26.5 GHz.
Applications include broadcast monitoring/evaluation, cellular site, IoT, WLAN and bluetooth surveying, research and development, education, production, and maintenance.
Real Time Analysis Mode
The SSA5000A series has real-time spectrum analysis capability. The analyzer can provide multi-dimensions data displays, advanced triggering to solve modern RF spectrum challenges, like channel power measurement, hopping frequency, conflict channel, spectrum interference.
Modulation Analysis Mode
AM/FM/PM analog modulation, and ASK/FSK/PSK/MSK/QAM vector modulation analysis are useful in transceiver testing. With measurement of EVM, constellation and eye-diagram display, there are plenty of methods to evaluate communication quality.
Frequency Range SSA5083A:9 kHz~13.6 GHz
SSA5085A:9 kHz~26.5 GHz
Resolution Bandwidth 1 Hz~10 MHz
Displayed Average Noise Level -165 dBm/Hz
SSB Phase Noise -105 dBc/Hz
Analysis Bandwidth 40 MHz
Frequency resolution 1 Hz
Advanced Measurement (opt.) CHP, ACPR, OBW, CNR, Harmonic, TOI, Monitor
Modulation Analysis (opt.) AM, FM, ASK, FSK, MSK, PSK, QAM
Communication Interface LAN, USB Device, USB Host(USB-GPIB)
Remote Control Capability SCPI/Labview/IVI based on USB-TMC/VXI-11/Socket/Telnet/I-MAX, Web Browser, Easy Spectrum software, File Explorer
Display TFT LCD, 1200 ×800, 12.1 inch capacitive multi-touch screen
Frequency range
Phase Noise
Analysis Bandwidth
Resolution bandwidth
9 kHz ~ 13.6 GHz
-165 dBm/Hz
<-105 dBc/Hz
25 MHz, 40 MHz(opt.)
1 Hz ~ 10 MHz, in 1-3-10 sequence
9 kHz ~ 26.5 GHz
-165 dBm/Hz
<-105 dBc/Hz
25 MHz, 40 MHz(opt.)
1 Hz ~ 10 MHz, in 1-3-10 sequence
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