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SIGLENT: Home / Support / Common
  • What is the maximum voltage for the external trigger inputs of the SDS1X/X+, SDS2X, and SDS1202XE os
    The maximum safe voltage of ext trigger channel is 40 Vpp.
    The specification of working voltages are:
    Ext : ± 600 mVpp
    Ext/5: ±3 Vpp.
  • How to generate the activation code for an instrument option?
    Many SIGLENT instruments feature options that can be added by using an activation code.
    To generate the activation code:
    – Purchase the option from your favorite SIGLENT office or distributor. A full list of available options are located at the bottom of the specific product web page.
    – You will receive an Option Card PDF document from SIGLENT that contains important information for permanent activation of the features. Keep this information handy through the next steps.
    – Go to http://service.siglenteu.com/easyweb/
    -Enter the information from the Option Card in the correct fields of the webpage, and press Submit:
  • Where do I find environmental, EMC, and other compliance information for your products?
    Information regarding product compliance is available on the datasheet for each product.
    Contact your local Siglent office for more details if you have trouble finding what you need.
    You can also write sales@siglent.com
  • What does “div” mean in the specifications?
    The term “div” for most SIGLENT specifications is equal to the Vertical Scale value (Commonly shown in units of Volts/div).
    Take the specification for the DC Gain Accuracy of a SIGLENT SDS1052DL+
    For ranges ≤ 100 mV/div, the DC Gain Accuracy is given as
    ± [3% × (|reading|+|offset|) +1% × |offset| +0.2 * div+2 mV]
    Reading = 0.5 V
    Offset is 0.1 V
    Vertical scale (div) = 100 mV/div = 0.1 V/div,
    Then DC Gain is calculated as follows:
    ± [3% × (|reading|+|offset|) +1% × |offset| +0.2 * div+2 mV] =
    ± [3% × (|0.5 V|+|0.1 V|) +1% × |0.1 V| +0.2 div * (0.1 V/div) + 0.002 V] =
    ± [3% × (0.6 V) +  0.0001 V +  0.02 V + 0.002 V] = 0.018 V + 0.0001 V + 0.02 V + 0.002 V = 0.0401 V
  • The oscilloscope does not turn on
    First, check the power cord and power strip for damage. Check the power switch on the instrument to make sure it is open (SDS1000CFL series has a power switch and a power protection switch). Is the power light illuminated?
    Is the fan operating? If the fan works, the machine is powered on. If everything is normal but the oscilloscope still does not turn on, please contact your nearest SIGLENT dealer.
  • Waveform appears but is not stable
    3.1 Check that the trigger source channel is consistent with the waveform being viewed
    3.2 Manually adjust the LEVEL trigger knob to see whether the waveform is stable.
    3.3 Use AUTO to adjust the waveform automatically to determine whether the waveform is stable
    3.4 Adjust time base, rule out false-wave interference (such as alias displayed waveforms)
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