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SDG7000A Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Main Features
  • 1 GHz maximum bandwidth
  • Dual channel differential/single-ended output
  • Segment editing /playback function
  • 16-bit LVDS/LVTTL digital bus output
  • 5 inch touch screen
Multi-functional Waveform Generator
The SDG7000A series integrates multiple waveform generator functions from DC to continuous waves up to 1 GHz, which can replace RF signal generators in some applications. It adopts Siglent's TrueArb point-by-point arbitrary waveform generation technology, which enables user-adjustable output sample rates from 0.01 Sa/s to 2.5 GSa/s with excellent jitter performance and the generation of I/Q vector signals with a maximum settable bandwidth greater than 500 MHz. Using the benefits of Siglent's EasyPulse architecture, a low jitter pulse with a minimum pulse width of 1 ns can be generated. 
Wide Range Amplitude Output
24Vpp analog output superimposed with ± 12 Vdc offset, providing a maximum output range of ± 24 V (48 V).
Excellent Arbitrary Waveform Generation

AFG mode uses traditional DDS technology to generate arbitrary waveforms
AWG mode uses the innovative TrueArb technology, with an adjustable sample rate from 0.01 Sa/s~ 2.5 GSa/s and jitter less than 20 ps. It not only has all the advantages of traditional DDS technology, but also overcomes its intrinsic jitter and distortion defects. The flexible platform also provides zero order hold, linear and sinc interpolation methods for increased flexibility when creating complex waveforms.
High-Speed Low Jitter Pulse
Low jitter When a Square/Pulse waveform is generated by traditional DDS, there can be additional jitter if the sample rate is not an integer-related multiple of the output frequency. EasyPulse technology successfully overcomes this weakness in DDS designs and helps to produce low jitter Square/Pulse waveforms.
High speed The minimum 1 ns pulse width, can be generated at any frequency. The pulse width can be finely adjusted in steps of 10 ps.
Vector Signal Output (Optional)

The SDG7000A can generate common modulation types of IQ signals, such as ASK, FSK, PSK, QAM. With the innovative resampling technology, excellent EVM performance can be obtained at any symbol rate between 250 S/s ~ 500 MS/s. The built-in digital quadrature modulator can modulate the carrier of the IQ signal to any frequency between 0 Hz~1 GHz. The software can be used to generate and edit various types of IQ signals.
Max output frequency
Max sampling rate
Vertical resolution
Waveform length
1 GHz
5 GSa/s
512 Mpts
2 Differential/Single-ended
500 MHz
5 GSa/s
512 Mpts
2 Differential/Single-ended
350 MHz
5 GSa/s
512 Mpts
2 Differential/Single-ended
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