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SIGLENT: Home / Application / Power
Power stability test
Electronic devices are now an indispensable element of everyday life, and power plays a pivotal role for all electronic devices. With the rapid development of the semiconductor industry, computers, mobile phones and other devices are increasingly miniaturized and refined, thus the requirements for power designs are getting intensely higher. Power designers must further consider how to face new technical challenges such as higher precision and higher stability.Stability is one of the most important factor in power design. Frequency response test is often required in stability tests. SIGLENT Technology provides a complete solution: with oscilloscopes equipped with Bode Plot II software, a Siglent waveform generator, you can get perform power supply loop control measurement to get to know the power performance for future designs.
Power design and debugging
The market is strict on product size, stability, cost, power consumption and development cycle. In order to meet the market requirements, engineers have to perform more design and debugging work. While debugging, not only the heat dissipation, but also other parameters such as loss of output, stability and duration of use need to be considered. The SDL1000X programmable DC electronic load introduced by SIGLENT has static/dynamic CC, CV, CP, CR modes. Its excellent dynamic characteristics, can simulate high-speed current changes during the power test.
EMI test
Electronic products need to be EMI/EMC tested before released to market. During the design of electronic equipment, engineers must pay attention to the EMI and EMC between equipment. The electromagnetic compatibility standards stipulated by the IEC and the derived categories are difficult to be implemented by the product departments of companies. There is professional EMC testing organizations, but it is time-consuming and expensive. So we would definitely want to reduce the EMC tests frequency to save costs and time. SIGLENT provide solutions to solve the request of EMI testing at low cost. With SSA3000X/SVA1000X spectrum analyzer and near field probes, it can find the source of problem before go to professional labs.
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