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SIGLENT expands the addressable frequency range of its RF Instruments to 26.5 GHz
September 26th 2022, Siglent officially announces the release of two new members of its performance Series. First, there is the SSA5000A spectrum analyzer and second, the SSG5000A RF/MW signal generator. These two new products expand Siglents RF portfolio
SDS2000X HD Digital Storage Oscilloscope release
The Siglent SDS2000X HD series is a next-generation oscilloscope using a 12-bit ADC and low noise front-end, which has 16 times the signal resolution capability of a traditional 8-bit oscilloscope.
SIGLENT Technologies releases new handheld oscilloscopes
The portability of measurement equipment has always been a concern for engineers performing maintenance and field work. To solve these issues, SIGLENT Technologies presents THE SIGLENT SHS800X/1000X series of portable instruments, which have been develop
SIGLENT Release the new SDG7000A Arbitrary Waveform Generator
SIGLENT presents its most powerful arbitrary function generator series to date
SIGLENT Release the new SDS6000A oscilloscope
SIGLENT presents a new flagship 2 GHz oscilloscope and continues to expand advanced product capabilities.
SIGLENT Release the new SNA5000A Vector Network Analyzer
SIGLENT presents its first vector network analyzer and the first device of its new 'A' performance line
SIGLENT Release the new SPS5000X Series wide range programmable Switching DC Power Supply
SIGLENT Technologies increase its offering to address the Power Electronics Market
SIGLENT Release the new SPS5000X Series wide range programmable Switching DC Power Supply
SIGLENT Technologies increase its offering to address the Power Electronics Market
SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES Announces the Release of SDS1000X-U Series Super Phosphor Oscilloscope
Professional Results on a Budget! After the popularity of SDS1000X-E series, SIGLENT is proud to announce the release of a new Super Phosphor Oscilloscope.
SIGLENT SSA3000X-R/Plus Spectrum Analyzer Family Welcomes New Models & New Functions
With the addition of the SSA3032X-R model, Siglent’s SSA3000X-R family of real-time spectrum analyzers now offers a frequency range of 9 kHz to 3.2/5.0/7.5 GHz!
SIGLENT Release the new SSG5000X series RF Analog/Vector Signal Generator
May, 15, 2020, SIGLENT release the new series RF Analog/Vector Signal Generator. It has a much higher output frequency range than the previous SSG3000X series. With model SSG5060X-V, the RF output frequency is up to 6 GHz.
SIGLENT Technologies adds real-time capability to their existing range of Spectrum Analyzers
Shortly after introducing models that extended maximum frequencies to 7.5 GHz, SIGLENT is proud to introduce the new SSA3000X-R series Real-Time Specturm Analzyer.
SIGLENT Technologies Announces the Release of SDS2000X Plus Series Super Phosphor Oscilloscope
Siglent Technologies proudly presents the 3rd Generation of their 2000 series of oscilloscopes. Five years after the introduction of the very successful SDS2000X, Siglent has continued to implement customer feedback and now presents the new SDS2000X Plus
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