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SDS6000A Firmware Update
Version: V1.4.4.1
Release notes
1. Force trigger strategy changed (same as SDS2000X HD)
2. Save/Recall
   a) Supported to save all sequence segments
   b) Supported Auto Save
3. Fixed several bugs
   a) Cannot communicate with the SDG2000X and SDG7000A over USB in Bode Plot
   b) Random +/-200 ps skew between channels after power/reboot cycle
   c) [Power analysis] - Switching losses - Error in calculations
   d) FFT wrong vertical scale
   e) Memory channel trace always on top
SDS6000A Firmware Update
Version: V1.4.3.3
Release notes
Note: This release cannot be downgraded to former releases.
  1. Math: added filter operator
  2. Supported to save waveform as Memory traces, which store the raw data instead of the screen data (as Ref does), and can be source of Measure/Math etc.
  3. Measure: improved the AIM limit from 1,000 to up to 65,000 (AIM limit: the upper limit of horizontal parameters measure statistics in one frame )
  4. Optimized intensity display of math traces.
  5. Added support for mouse wheel when using a mouse
  6. Supported CP030 current probe (with LPA10 adapter)
  7. Eye Diagram: 100Base-TX signal supported
  8. Trigger: Pattern trigger strategy changed
  9. Power Analysis:
    1. Supported MOSFET SOA (Safe Operating Area)
    2. Bigger table size
  10. Fixed several bugs
    1. Moving the traces by gestures may cause the scope to freeze
    2. [Bode Plot]Vertical Ref.level manual setting is partially bad
    3. [Measure]Track plot - not working well in general
    4. [Power Analysis]Current harmonics forgets table/bar view
    5. Waveform Capture Rate breakdown at 20 ns/div
    6. Measurements skip buffers in history mode
SDS6000A Firmware Update
Version: V1.4.0.0
Release notes
  1. Channel: two custom probe ratio options supported
  2. Fixed several bugs
    1. Bode Plot draw error (missing draw)
    2. Bode Plot - Very slow, nearly stuck, with some signal levels
    3. Counter - totalizer not showing all numbers
    4. Counter (time period) shows incredible numbers
SDS6000A Firmware Update
Version: V1.3.9.0
Release notes
  1. Added English help
  2. Added SCPI commands for network storage
Release Notes
Release Notes
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