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SDS5000X Series Firmware Update
Version: V0.9.7R2
Release notes
  1. Acquire: supported Fixed Sample Rate and Fixed Memory Depth modes
  2. Connectivity:
    1. Supported LXI
    2. Supported Network Storage
  3. Measure: improved the AIM limit from 1,000 to up to 25,000 (AIM limit: the upper limit of horizontal parameters measure statistics in one frame )
  4. Power Analysis: supported MOSFET SOA (Safe Operating Area)
  5. Channel:
    1. Two custom probe ratio options supported
    2. Supported LeCroy CP030 current probe (with LPA10 adapter)
  6. UX: Added support for mouse wheel when using a mouse
  7. Optimized UI
  8. Remote Control: Supported to read sequence segments by WF command
  9. Optimized the Bode Plot
  10. Fixed several bugs
    1. Incorrect zoom trace in Roll mode (Stop)
    2. Bode Plot draw error (missing draw)
    3. Bode Plot zig-zag phase
    4. [Measure]  Gating settings cannot be typed in
SDS5000X Series Firmware Update
Version: V0.9.5R3
Release notes
  1. Supported CAN-H, CAN-L as decode sources
  2. Fixed several bugs
    1. Unexpected skew between channels after Stop in Roll mode
    2. Some trigger setting with dual-level may lead the scope not to start-up properly
SDS5000X Series Firmware Update
Version: V0.9.5R2
Release notes
Fixed a bug which may cause failure on installation of option key in 0.9.5R1.

0.9.5R1 revision history:
1. Expanded the post-trigger range from 5,000 to 10,000 divisions
2. Measurement:
  a) Supported cursors for measurement
  b) Supported Track plot
3. Display:
  a) Supported to show bandwidth information on the channel descriptor box
  b) Supported to display axis label
4. Save/Recall: a) Supported to Print only grid area b) Supported to save FFT result
5. DVM: Supported limit beeper
6. Updated Russian menu
7. Fixed several bugs
  a) Last Save/Recall path is not remembered
8. Measurement invalid in Roll when acquisition stops and Zoom is enabled
SDS5000X Series Firmware Update
Version: V0.9.3R3
Release notes
  1. Expanded the offset range
  2. New serial protocols supported (optional):
    1. SENT, trigger & decode
    2. Manchester, decode only
  3. Measurement enhancement:
    1. Supported user-defined thresholds (Upper, Middle and Lower): Measure | Config | Threshold
    2. Added items: +Area@AC, -Area@AC, Area@AC, AbsArea@AC
  4. Math:
    1. Added new operator – Interpolate
    2. Added function expression information to the math descriptor box
  5. Display:
    1. Supported selectable color for traces: Display | Color Setting
    2. Supported floating menu so that the waveform is not compressed  horizontally when the right-side menu is displayed: Display | Menu Style
    3. Supported to hide analog traces
  6. Save/Recall:
    1. Added option “Save all channel” for csv file
    2. Supported to save math traces (except FFT)
  7. Supported serial trigger as source of the frequency counter
  8. Supported LeCroy probes ZD1000/ZD1500 with LPA10 probe adapter; supported Tek TekProbe interface level II probes with TPA10 probe adapter
Added button to reset remote password: Utility | System Setting | I/O | Web 
SDS5000X Series Firmware Update
Version: V0.9.1B2
Release notes
Fixed the bug the attenuation factor is not correct for the SAP1000 probe
SDS5000X Series Firmware update
Version: V0.8.7R1B1
SDS5000X Series Firmware Update
Version: V0.8.2R1
SDS5000X Series Firmware Update
Version: V0.8.0R1B5
Release Notes
Release Notes
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