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SDG6000X Series Firmware Update
Version: V6.01.01.36
Release notes
  1. Allowed one channel to modulate the other
  2. Supported Burst in TrueArb mode
  3. Supported Burst Counter in Burst mode so the number of burst trains can be set to > 1 when trigger source = external or manual
  4. Added an option to let the SDG start with activated outputs
  5. Added 50 ohm output impedance text in the UI
  6. Able to remember the digit of a parameter that had been modified
  7. Fixed several bugs:
    1. DDS interpolation bug
    2. Switching on/off output causes random phase deviation between channels in Track mode
    3. Incorrect square/pulse waveform initialization in some cases
    4. Unable to store the level settings for noise
    5. Unable to recognize the command MODE PHASE-LOCKED
    6. Freezing issue when being written a 20MB long file with the EasyWaveX
    7. The setting "BANDSET" with Waveform = NOISE leads to inconsistent behavior on the Noise Bandwidth of the output signal; The real-time noise bandwidth on channel 2 is changed if an AM sine modulation is switched on channel 1
    8. Unable to install the IQ option before 30 trials run out
SDG6000X Series Firmware Update
Version: V6.01.01.35R5B1
SDG6000X Series Firmware Update
Version: V6.01.01.33R2
Release notes
SDG6000X Series Firmware Update
Version: V6.01.01.29R10
Release Notes
Release Notes
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