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SDS1xx4X-E Firmware Update
Version: V6.1.37R9
Release notes
Fixed the problem: The skew of the two ADCs is not accuracy for hardware of 09 version (System Status shows Hardware Version: 09-xx). The other hardware version has no this problem.
SDS1xx4X-E Firmware Update
Version: V6.1.37R8
Release notes
  1. Fixed the problem: very few SDS1xx4X-e stuck at self-calibration
  2. Be Compatible with a new VGA chip
SDS1xx4X-E Firmware Update
Version: V6.1.37R6
Release notes
Fixed the bug in 6.1.37R2 which cause the WiFi does not work
SDS1xx4X-E Firmware Update
Version: V6.1.37R2
Release notes
  1. Added data logger featuring Sample  and Measurement Logger functions
  2. Added counter function
  3. Added Labels
  4. Added NTP (Network Time Protocol) and Time Zone. Also requires OS update to SDS1xx4X-E_OSV2 which is located on the SIGLENT product webpage. The OS Update Instructions is also included
  5. Modified negative or positive of horizontal delay: Time zero is in trigger. Before trigger, time position is -time (negative delay relative to trigger) and after trigger is +time  (positive delay relative to trigger)
  6. Fixed a bug with Bin2CSV for ROLL mode
  7. Rebuilt Bin2CSV to File Converter which can also convert data logger file to CSV.
  8. Fixed a bug: some case there is a blue line on decode bus
  9. Fixed a bug with saving hex MSO CSV file
  10. Fixed a bug: After rebooting , Bode Plot cursor can’t be moved
  11. Fixed a bug: fine adjusting with customer probe
  12. WiFi supported Spaces and Special Characters
SDS1xx4X-E Firmware Update
Version: V6.1.35R2
Release notes
1. Added support for the SAG1021I USB Isolated AWG Module Hardware
2. Fixed the bug: Sometimes PNSU command returns invalid value (Need referring to the latest Program Guide)
3. Added 9 data bits for UART decoding
4. Fixed the bug of UART decoder with some special settings
5. Increased baud rate of UART trigger from 5 Mbps to 20 Mbps
6. Fixed the bug: The command ‘WF? DAT2’returns error length of waveform when digital is enable
7. Fixed the bug: CSV file of waveform has no indication of the trigger point in the data
8. Fixed the bug: After repowering all FFT markers are on just one peak
9. Fixed the bug: After repowering, signal level of CAN trigger can't be recalled
10. Fixed a few SCPI Commands errors:
       C3:INVERT_SET? is missing
       HISTORY_LIST? is missing
       DIGITAL:LOW8_SWICHT, typo in name
       C5:COUPLING? typo in name
11. Fixed the Bode Plot bug: Sometime there isn't enough delay after the scope switches timebase values before it tries to take a measurement
12. Fixed the bug: Matlab can’t import 14 M Matlab waveform files
13. Fixed the bug:‘WF?’command ignores the length set by ‘WFSU’ for digital
SDS1xx4X-E Firmware Update
Version: V6.1.33
SDS1xx4X-E Firmware Update
Version: V6.1.26
SDS1xx2X-E Firmware Update
Version: V1.3.23
SDS1xx4X-E Firmware Update
Version: V6.1.25R2
SLA1016(Optional) Firmware Update
Version: V7.8.1.8
SDS1xx2X-E Firmware Update
Version: V1.3.17R1
SDS1xx4X-E Firmware Update
Version: V6.1.20R1
SDS1xx4X-E Firmware Update
Version: V6.1.12
SDS1000X-E Series Firmware Update
Version: V5.1.3.13
Release Notes
Release Notes
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